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SEO Small Business Package

SEO doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be effective…

This SEO Small Business Package is designed for companies that offer business to business services or a small number of products who would like to better compete with their online competition with an ongoing SEO campaign. This package is comprised of many techniques that we would incorporate into strategy for larger clients just on a smaller scale. The ultimate goal for this package is to drive specific traffic to your website that will convert into new business for you.

We understand that every website is different and has different SEO needs, this SEO Small Business Package includes:

  • A SEO website review to see what you’re doing right and wrong
    We’ll analyze your site for search engine optimization and identify problems areas and report these back to you. We will look at both onsite and offsite factors.
  • A SEO strategy outlining how we’ll move forward
    Develop an overall strategy based on our initial report which will include onsite optimization, content development, and offsite strategic planning.
  • Keyword research to find the “best” keywords people are searching with on Google and other search engines
    We’ll find the best short tail and long tail keywords that target your specific audience. (see “Developing a Keyword Strategy” for a basic explanation of our methodology)
  • Title tags for optimized pages
  • Meta description tags for optimized pages
  • Copyediting for optimized pages
    This includes all of your existing content with specific attention to your homepage for short tail keywords.
  • Other on-page SEO tactics as necessary
  • Blog posts or articles brainstormed and written on a regular basis
    We’ll write articles and content for your blog or resource section targeting “best” keywords to help drive traffic from long tail keywords.
  • Social media marketing to promote link-worthy content (articles and resources)
  • Consulting: We’ll answer your SEO questions

These techniques are tried and true and are the same that all the major players who count on organic search results use. Contact us today to see if the SEO Small Business Package is right for you. While we may be the top SEO company in Chattanooga, we can deliver a high impact/high value SEO package for your business, no matter where you are.

[Update: Read some good advice on picking the right SEO package for your business in our blog post: SEO Packages for Small Business.]

Client Quote

“ The new Website is a total success. The look and feel, its functionality, its flare...the total package is what we were looking for... ”

- Delos Rugs

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