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SEO Eight Month Research & Development Project

Highslide JS It is rare that a SEO company will pull back the curtain and let everyone see some of the things that go on behind the scenes. We aren't going to show you how to do this magic trick, but we will reveal some actual results. We do protect our clients, so this is some of the results from an in-house R&D project. is a music video Web site developed by Abraxas Web Design & SEO as a research and development site where we experimented and explored search engine optimization techniques for eight months.

This document contains screen captures of some of the top search terms used in Google to land on We consider this project an overwhelming success being able to achieve number one rankings for many of the primary search terms that we targeted. In many cases we were able to beat well established sites such as Apple, Vimeo, Youtube, Palladia, MTV, etc. In the end, in eight months we were able to dominate the HD music video category. From September 14, 2009 to October 14, 2009 2330 search terms were used to land on

(These screen captures were taken October 15, 2009 and are accurate as of this day and only represent a small portion of search terms used to find

Google Screen Captures

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Client Quote

“ Our new site is much better than our old site. It looks great and we can change and update it ourselves. ”

- MCA (Chattanooga, TN)

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