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Around Chattanooga – Photo Gallery

This sample photo gallery of Chattanooga, TN is the product of experimentation with automated photo galleries that are controlled and managed from the backend of the CMS (content management system).

This gallery features a carousel thumbnail bar above the main image. The carousel bar scrolls back and forth, clicking a thumbnail activates the larger image that fades in below. Inactive thumbnails have opacity while the active thumbnail has none. This gallery is built using jQuery with PHP tying it into the backend photo management system.

This gallery system has many applications for photographers, artists, or corporate events and can be customized many ways to suite various projects. The benefit to the Website owner is that the inclusion of photos is automated from the CMS and the compelling interactive features.

(We hope to discuss some of the integration of Jquery and PHP in a future blog post.)

The copyright holder of these photos retains all rights.

Client Quote

“ Our new site is much better than our old site. It looks great and we can change and update it ourselves. ”

- MCA (Chattanooga, TN)

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