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We are always thinking of information, hints, and tips for our clients and Web site visitors. We try to write them down and publish them on this site so that everyone has access to them. This page serves as an index to those resources. We will attempt to keep this updated and relevant…

Our blog… Chattanooga Search Marketing: Web Design and SEO Tip

Our blog is a collection of, well… Web design and SEO tips. You’ll also find bits of news and other things that we see fit to publish. [ read our blog ]

A list of articles and such that are not in our blog:

  • Around Chattanooga – A Photo Gallery: This sample photo gallery of Chattanooga, TN is the product of experimentation with automated photo galleries that are controlled and managed from the backend of the CMS (content management system). [ more… ]
  • 8 Month SEO R & D Project: It is rare that a SEO company will pull back the curtain and let everyone see some of the things that go on behind the scenes. [ more… ]
  • Selecting the Right Web Design firm and SEO Expert : It can be a challenging task to hire the right Web designer or SEO expert to improve your website traffic or improve search engine rankings. There are many so called “SEO Companies” out there that advertise in the Chattanooga market that offer quick solutions, “submission packages”, and other unsavory tactics. [ more… ]
  • Starting with the Best in Web Design: We are proud to offer great Web design that serves your business first and foremost. The sites that we design look great, are easy to navigate, feature the latest technology, uncomplicated, and designed from the ground up to be search engine friendly. [ more… ]
  • Web Design & SEO Marketing/Sales Letter: As most service business are well aware, it is standard practice to send sales or marketing letters out to potential clients that may be unaware of your business or unaware that they need your services. We have put together a simple and direct one page sales letter to make businesses in our market (Chattanooga area) aware of our services. [ more… ]
Client Quote

“ Our new site is much better than our old site. It looks great and we can change and update it ourselves. ”

- MCA (Chattanooga, TN)

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