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Abraxas Web Design & SEO is releasing some results form an eight month SEO R&D project on the domain It is not often that a SEO company will share with general readers specific results of a project. In this case, because this site was not developed for a client but instead as an R&D project and that the site will soon go up for sell, we thought it fitting to give our readers and our clients a chance to look at some real results.

The art and science of SEO is ever evolving, we have ongoing R&D projects so that we can measure and test our techniques. This particular project is drawing to a close after eight months with some really promising results in a competitive, yet new keyword space. We went head to head with well established and corporate sites with tons of money to through around. We spent zero dollars other than our time to achieve results that are very respectable.

To view some of the results as screen captures, head over to: SEO Eight Month R&D Project

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