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In the first weeks of January, Google began rolling out a new and more power version of their search engine, code named “Caffeine”.

Is your Web site up to snuff? Has your Web design company or developer taking into consideration the future of Google search and SEO in general? If you are using the World Wide Web as part of your business strategy or if you are trying to figure out how to incorporate a Web strategy, understanding what “Caffeine” has in store is important.

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As a Web designer and developer, Firefox has become my Web browser of choice. I’m not using Firefox because I hate Internet Explorer or because Google Chrome is Safari based. I use Firefox because it offers the best tools for my job of designing and developing search engine friendly Web sites. One of the reasons is that Firefox has a plugin interface which allows software developers to write “mini applications” that work within Firefox.

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2010 looks like it will be a big year for SEO (search engine optimization) with a lot of the web trends of 2009 such as Twitter making its way into SEO. 2009 seemed to be a dismal year for most every industry including SEO. With the US economy picking up and the ever increasing awareness of technology, we are looking forward to leaving 2009 behind us.

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One of our current projects at Abraxas Web Design & SEO is Web design and development for Mike Collins & Associates. Mike Collins & Associates  is one of the larger IT firms in Chattanooga with offices in Chattanooga, Nashville, and Knoxville.

Mike Collins & Associates (MCA) came to us asking for a new Web design that would both help them build on their current client base and be used as a resource for their existing clients. MCA’s previous design was done in-house and based on templates. They wanted to go beyond the original design with a more compelling look.

After meeting with the “stakeholders”, we began thinking about the Web design that MCA needed. Today we have a total of three mockups that we have presented. The first mockup is a very clean, straight forward design that focuses on information. The second mockup again straight forward and clean but put more emphasis and graphics and animation to draw the user to the information. The third mockup is a combination of the first two. These mockups were rendered with Adobe Photoshop.

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Web Design Tip: Ask The Right Questions

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Will your prospective Web design company or developer do enough to help you reach your target audience. Does your prospective Web design company or developer provide search engine optimization (SEO)? Do they really understand  SEO with tangible results to show you?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategy of attaining higher search engine ranking position (commonly called SERPs). It’s obvious that most Internet users use the search engines to search for a solution to a problem, whether that problem is finding the best digital camera or finding a local florist. Knowing this, shouldn’t your website be positioned in the search engines so that you can take advantage of Internet users searching for the products and services that you offer whether those services are intended for a local, national, or global market.

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