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Robert Mullins - SongwriterRobert B. Mullins a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist approached Abraxas to develop a straight forward Web site with the primary goal of getting his songs in more ears while taking very little effort to maintain and update. Robert is more interested in writing and recording songs than being a Webmaster. We took the challenge.

Understanding that Robert wanted to spend as little time as possible dealing with uploading and editing Web pages we developed Robert B. Mullins – Songs & Music, a simple WordPress site with a few features customized for his purposes:

One interface for management of blog posts, songs, and Web pages.

We designed custom WordPress templates that distinguishes between song posts and blog posts and categorizes and styles them accordingly. WordPress already has a powerful page management system built in, so we employed that system to ease content management difficulty.

Upload and management of MP3s from the same interface with automatic insertion.

We integrated a Web based Flash MP3 player within the templates to facilitate the playing of music on a song by song and page by page bases. We used the custom field and media management capabilities of WordPress to automate and simplify adding MP3s to the Web site.

Robert’s primary goal is to allow as many people to listen to his songs as possible. Believing that potential listeners of his songs might be looking at his site on an iPhone, we implemented some basic browser detection to overcome the iPhone’s inability to view Flash. When an iPhone views a page with the Flash MP3 player, the page presents the iPhone with a media type that it understands.

Our design approach was simple. We had a few goals:

  • Bring the site live as fast as possible.
  • Focus the site on the songs with an uncluttered and simple design while reflecting who Robert is as a song writer.
  • Keep the cost down while not sacrificing functionality.

We decided to approach the site design like Frank Miller approached Sin City. We didn’t waste a single pixel. And we won’t waste your time while you discover some killer rock n’ roll from an extraordinary songwriter and musician — Robert B. Mullins – Songs & Music.

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12 Responses to “Rock n Roll Web Site for a Kick in The Soul”

Robert Mullins March 19, 2010

I very much recommend the services from Abraxas. They delivered exactly what I had in mind in less time than expected. Their staff was incredibly easy to work with and professional. They treated me like a multi-million dollar corporation. The way they set my site up for bringing new songs and lyrics to the web is the easiest I have ever used not to mention the site looks great. Thank again to the staff, I couldn’t be more pleased with all the work they have done.

This site looks really nice. I like that it’s based on WordPress, so Robert can continue to add new content on his own without having to ask the web design company to add more pages. Great job on this!

Guys, you have done the best any musician can get for his website. I liked the structured layout of biography, songs info and blog. Its clearly visible and is not cramped. I have seen certain blogs of musicians who have used a big flash banner on the top and have content on the bottom which many of us forget to notice. I also liked your choice of wordpress for Robert’s sake of easy usability. All together it looks great. Just keep the good work guys.

Hi, I really enjoy reading your case study for this website design. You own website looks fantastic. Both professional and aesthetically pleasing. I think i would recommend to my clients. Thanks.

The best feature according to my opinion is the selection of wordpress as the CMS for this website. WordPress is quite easy to use and I am sure Robert wouldnt experience any hassle in uploading new content. They layout and the color theme suits the niche perfectly. Good you didnt spoil it by adding flash content. Solid Effort.

james kigotho April 13, 2010

Sure enough the CMS for his website is exceptional also the layout and theme make it very professional…but a little flash content like a guitar playing might just improve the entire layout. flash doesn’t lessen the quality of a site…

Lovely design. I’ve been using wordpress for a while and its a fantastic CMS so easy to use and so customizable.


sam@catalog printing June 18, 2010

That is a really slick site. I like what you did there.

Chris@Börse October 2, 2010

Nice design. I like sites like this one, which is clean and well structured.

Sam@Art Exhibitions May 30, 2011

This is one of the great blogs I’ve read today. Your site contains lots of good information and I’m sure many people will like it as I do. I would like to give this site a thumb up rating. Keep up the good works guys. I think I’m going to come back to this site regularly. Thanks.

rezultati uzivo September 9, 2011

Hi, I really enjoy reading your case study for this website design. You own website looks fantastic. Both professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Alex@Web Design Chicago November 28, 2011

In kind of website like, speed is main concern for users and management and user interface is main for its owner. I think Abraxweb has done both the task wonderfully.

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