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In the first weeks of January, Google began rolling out a new and more power version of their search engine, code named “Caffeine”.

Is your Web site up to snuff? Has your Web design company or developer taking into consideration the future of Google search and SEO in general? If you are using the World Wide Web as part of your business strategy or if you are trying to figure out how to incorporate a Web strategy, understanding what “Caffeine” has in store is important.

It is believed that “Caffeine” or at least the first incarnation of “Caffeine” will not be earth shattering. Don’t expect search engine ranking position (SERP) to change overnight. However, if your Web site is not on its game, expect to be shuffled out of search results quicker.

Basically the new Google will index faster, be more accurate, and be more comprehensive. This is what it means to your Web site:

  • Google will be able to keep up with fresh content better. This means that you need to continually create content for your site to help maintain your relevance. This is not a new concept be is now more important than ever.
  • Accuracy… That’s a scary one. Not only will Google try to match the best page to the searcher’s keywords, but they will take into consideration the searchers behavior on the results page and their behavior once they arrive at your page. This puts some power is the searchers hands. This boils down to: A keyword optimized page is not going to be enough. A sites user interface is important as well.
  • Being comprehensive is a goal that Google has always strived for. “Caffeine” will allow them to do that better than ever. Themed sites or sites with a specific profile have always done well in Google search results, expect those sites to continue to do well. With more pages being indexed, your site should be comprehensive in terms of content.

In the end a good Web site with good design that is organized and well thought out and features good SEO, will continue to be a good Web site. If you have a good design/development/SEO team, you don’t have to worry too much. Otherwise, you may want to reconsider your Web strategy. Abraxas Web Design & SEO is always ready to help you fill in the gaps.

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21 Responses to “Is Your Web Site Ready for Google Caffeine?”

I think that links will be a lot more important, and I’ve been attempting to gain more links ever since Google Caffeine was announced. So far so good! :)

olly@ Component Compare January 18, 2010

Yes it must be worrying for the SEO companies out there but as long as you keep your site relevant you should have no problems – after all Googles aim is to return relevant results!

arquigrafico January 22, 2010

The downloading speed of the blog pages will be very important for SEO.

Sarah Billige Solbriller January 23, 2010

My God – I just thought I was beginning to understand the basics of SEO and now its like rendered obsolete already. Just proves that SEO really is a moving target. You just gotta stay alert!

With the introduction of Caffeine and consideration the searchers behavior on a results page and behavior on a page it is more important than ever to keep content relevant and write more naturally and let the keywords fall into place the right way.

I guess Google is constantly updating their software for the greater good of everyone and preventing cheaters from gaining an advantage. Looks like black hats will have to device another ways to trick serps.

seth@web copywriting February 9, 2010

Google Caffeine not only eliminates spam but it also brought us the best in the net as it will change the way they rank websites in Google.

I am not too worried about this, although at first I was not too happy when I read about personalized ranking sequence. I suppose like anything else change can be something that causes stress, but that’s what makes this an exciting industry. The winners are the ones who adapt quickly and play by the new rules. Of course, one rule will never change: quality content and a valuable user experience should be the goal rather than keyword density and keyword-stuffed tags. Nice article, man. Keep it up.


According to Mashable the algorithm’s definitely very different. It has more reliance on keyword strings to produce better results and in their tests caffeine returned far more results than existing Google in half the time. Things are about to be properly shaken up!

Google Caffeine is another term of updating our SEO knowledge once again. New message of creating and delivering relevant content and fresh information. Regarding indexing speed i have realized that the frequency of crawling has increased manifold. Any simple unique content may get valued and indexed sooner than you ever thought. The whole idea is to help visitors getting specific and valuable information.

Arkel February 23, 2010

SEO becomes more and more complex every day and we have to keep the paste. I know that Caffeine will give more importance to Social Media Sites like Facebook and Twitter. I just hope my website won’t suffer from this new Algo!!!

Hakan about caffeine update February 26, 2010

Very nice info about Google caffeine update. I think som links will be more important but also that links from Link Directories will have less affects than now.

Stefan@Cape Cod Web Design February 26, 2010

Never heard of Googles Caffeine till now, I need to go give my site a SEO Check up now. Thanks

well i just started a new site & i think this info will really work for me …..& being a SEO you always be alert what next to come

I think google caffeine would not be experienced by anybody apart from power users. Google itself has made it clear that only power users will identify the change with the new system. Matt Cutts stated in his blog couple of months back that the new system is just an enhanced way to quick indexing methods and will not have drastic changes in terms of rankings and positions. have you experienced any impact?

Internet Marketing Firm March 18, 2010

great information on the caffeine project. please keep us updated on anything more you find.

Shaun June 6, 2010

Keeping up with the evergrowing trends in web design and S.E.O is something that any web designer and developer should keep on top of. If not they may have a bleak future in a business sense. However your posts suggest that you are indeed are keeping up with everything and your information has made me able to start a plan for my future success.

was totally unaware of ‘caffeine’ until seeing this, will read more about it. i wonder how this will effect the current listings.

Kyle@SEO Kansas City June 27, 2011

I think that as long as the content has the appropriate keywords placed within the pages header tags, meta descriptions and so forth, any of Google’s challenges should hold up well.

Abaya June 30, 2011

Nice information. I think website should be prepared according to google. Before getting live your website you should create Meta work.

Alex@Web Design Chicago November 11, 2011

Now Google is giving more focus and making its criteria strict on qualifying the good content. Now it will become hard for us as a web designing firm for creating original content and have to maintain the relevancy as well.

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