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As a Web designer and developer, Firefox has become my Web browser of choice. I’m not using Firefox because I hate Internet Explorer or because Google Chrome is Safari based. I use Firefox because it offers the best tools for my job of designing and developing search engine friendly Web sites. One of the reasons is that Firefox has a plugin interface which allows software developers to write “mini applications” that work within Firefox.

I use many Firefox plugins for many different reasons, but for the purposes of this post, I’ll stick to writing about three of the most useful for the purpose of Web design and development.


If you use CSS, Firebug is a quick way to monitor and debug both your HTML and CSS in real-time from within Firefox. Firebug goes another step and allows you to do the same with JavaScript. Before there was Firebug, you had to hunt through your CSS to find the code that was not generating the desired result on your Web page. Once you found the code and made your edits you had to upload it to your server and hope that it fixed your problem. If it didn’t, you had to start all over again… Firebug eliminates all that trial and error. Debugging time is greatly reduced which means your chances of bringing your projects in on time and on budget is greatly increased.

Read more about Firebug at the Mozilla download page.


Often times as a designer and developer, I find myself measuring design elements on the screen. Before MeasureIt, I had to look through code, rely on my memory, or make a guess. This simple little tool lets me measure any element on the screen for a quick estimate on how many pixels an element takes up. Again, I find myself saving a huge amount of time over the course of a month.

Download MeasureIt from the developers website.

Web Developer Toolbar

This Firefox plugin has so many uses that I could never cover them in one post. I can perform tasks that are important as a developer and tasks that are important to SEO. Basically it works by adding a tool bar above the browser window. A few things that this plugin will do: Disable and clear cookies for a session, quick access to code validation, browse like a robot, and so much more. This plugin will assist you with many high level tasks that your couldn’t do before or took a lot of time.

Read more about Web Developer Toolbar and all of it features at the author’s website.

These three Firefox plugins will help you design and develop better sites in less time. Don’t give up on your other browsers. I still love Internet Explorer and Chrome and you should always check your pages in all the major browsers.

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10 Responses to “Firefox Plugins for Web Designers and Developers”

Ashland Oregon Web Design December 29, 2009

There’s also colorzilla to see the #color, quirk search status (great for seeing if a link is no follow as well as rankings) and downloadhelper for grabbing flv and otehr media formats.

Chinese January 16, 2010

Great Insight.
I am definitely going to use it.
Hope to see some more stuff from you in future.

Vuxenleksaker February 22, 2010

i have started to use firefox and to be honest i would not go back to the other browsers even if i would get paid for it=)

Sunny@Merchant Capital February 25, 2010

I have never seen a plugin like a FireBug, its really helpful and other two, i didnt try yet, i will give feedback after using them, Thanks for sharing..

Maxim Ukraine webmaster March 18, 2010

Nice rewiew! I use FireBug in my work? help my find code bugs

Ziyaad@Web Development March 19, 2010

First time I’m hearing about FireBug. It seems interesting. I think I will try it. Is there more plugins like this for firefox.

mowdesign March 26, 2010

thank you for web developer’s really useful.

Firebug is practically the only reason I can’t leave Firefox behind. I like using Chrome, but find the lack of Firebug kills it for me.

Ben April 27, 2010

Chrome is extremely light and easy to use browser. But the major drawback is that it doesnt have super cool plugins like firefox. I would also like to add one incredible plugin to your list above. SEO for firefox. Thats one awesome tool for SEO. I understand that you mentioned plugins which benefits the designer and developer. But SEO for firefox is purely for SEO experts. Just try it and let me know what you feel.

Simon September 7, 2010

So useful post this is. I use FIREBUG to find about CSS problem in Dynamic web pages.
Simon recently posted..Why talk to a graphic designer

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