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2010 looks like it will be a big year for SEO (search engine optimization) with a lot of the web trends of 2009 such as Twitter making its way into SEO. 2009 seemed to be a dismal year for most every industry including SEO. With the US economy picking up and the ever increasing awareness of technology, we are looking forward to leaving 2009 behind us.

Let’s get right to the good stuff.

  1. Increased Budgets for SEO – Companies will focus more of their marketing budget on SEO. According to Forrester in their report on interactive marketing tactics, the top three areas where marketers feel there is the most potential over the next three years is social media, online video, and SEO. The bottom three is radio, newspaper, and yellow page ads. 2010 may prove the best year yet to be in the SEO business.
  2. Binary Search Engine World – Google continues to grow its market share and Bing and Yahoo slip in the latest studies. With Bing to provide organic search results for Yahoo in the near future and the “all but” merger of the two, expect the Yahoo search engine to be marginalized. This is going to leave us with about an 80/20 split between Google and Bing with Google in the lead. This could be a good thing for SEO experts. Looking at and comparing search results from Google and Bing, Bing may be producing more relevant search results. If Bing can continue to produce high quality results 2011 may be their year. In the end search users just want to find what they are looking for in the fastest way possible.
  3. Google Gonna Keep its Traffic – Traditionally Google wanted to send traffic to the most relevant web pages based on search terms. These days and the trend will continue to grow, Google is keeping more of it traffic. If you were to search “weather 37412”, Google will give you the current conditions and a 4 day forecast without ever leaving the search engine. You can get the latest baseball scores, track your shipments, and even sample music from your favorite artists. Expect more of this type of information to be available. Bing is also trending this way in much the same information.
  4. Yahoo Site Explorer to Disappear – One of the best SEO tools available for free, Yahoo Site Explorer, will vacate the cloud and leave all the SEO experts who relied on it in the dust. I believe this will be a product the Binghoo phenomena. Surely other tools will emerge to take the place of good ole Site Explorer.
  5. Real Time Search will Burst the Bubble – All the rage for the last few weeks is that Google is integrating real time search from Twitter. My opinion is that this is truly diabolical in the sense that these “real time results” at the top of the search results pollute the organic results on the first page. It’s akin to digging out bones from a plate of fish. If Google really wants to include these results, they are going to have to find a better way. This whole Twittergate debacle reminds me of the early days of SEO when you could be at the top of Infoseek just by submitting the freshest page. I understand that Google is testing, and I hope they see the light. I’m hoping that the introduction of Caffeine will solve this problem…

Honorable mention: Google Caffeine – It’s a little too early to see how Caffeine will affect SEO, so I have left it out of the top 5. Early results are that search engine ranking position (SERP) will not be affected by Google’s new technology in a tangible way. This technology is expected to increase Google speed in both finding content and displaying pages. Time will tell how it really affects SEO, but let’s hope that it sorts out those absurd Twitter tweets.

There are plenty other things happening in the world of SEO that will affect how web pages get ranked and how we use SEO in general, but these are a fair representation of the 5 trends that will be most apparent. If there is one thing that you can count on in SEO, it’s that nothing ever stays the same.

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23 Responses to “5 SEO Trends for 2010”

Chris December 27, 2009

Excellent article. What about Dmoz?

Website Design January 26, 2010

@chris: I’m pretty sure DMOZ is done with. I havent gotten a site accepted in years.

I agree that Google will add more of those “stay in the search results” results. They’re petty nifty though, and I welcome them.

I’m not sure about Google Caffeine though.

Thats right. 2010 is a year where more and more people are becoming aware of the meaning of SEO. They are starting to learn SEO and use it for the better ranks of their sites.

X-Blog Contest February 23, 2010

thx for your new SEO tips

Mike@SEO Software March 4, 2010

When is the Yahoo Site Explorer supposed to die out? Sometime this year?

Great tips – thanks a lot. I think one thing that your pointed out very well is that most companies simply dont give SEO the budget it needs and deserves…its still not seen as a powerful way to massively increase business…

Thomas@SEO Services May 11, 2010

Looking forward to the increased spending on SEO! A have noticed that a lot of businesses are starting to realise that being in the Yellow Pages doesn’t cut it for ‘marketing’ anymore.

Great Seo tips – No BS and honest stuff. Cheers

The point which really stands out for me is “Google are going to keep its traffic”. Every day google grow more and more powerful and this is somewhat of a worry but we need to understand how to best work with them to get the results we want.

Where can I find more info on the ‘Real-Time Search’ / Twitter changes? I didn’t think that Twitter was really widely enough used (or representative of the average searcher) enough to trump the organic site search results!

miracleman12 June 2, 2010

Thankfully, Google scaled this back and you can usually on see it with trending search events.

The increase of people using the web as to get information or even products that they need also increase business minded people to create websites that can supply the needs of these people. There was a research that shows the growth of people who rely on the web, and this makes SEO indemand in the current year of 2010.

Mayank@Toronto SEO July 26, 2010

2010 is definitely an interesting year for internet marketers. Doesn’t look like caffeine affected much, but the Mayday update did. I think if people just stick to the fundamentals of SEO, they’ll always be favoured by the search engines. Lot of potential going forward!

2010 is proving to be a promising year. The web is becoming a fundamental part in more and more people’s lives. It’s the way to go and more and more businesses are realizing this and getting on board.

Markerle@PPC Preston September 3, 2010

Great article and caused a significant discussion is our SEO office. We agree that SEO is really making it worth in the environment of marketing online. Social media remains an enigma an in our view still a static environment for advertisement and overall exposure. However, one sense some changes and with some disciplines may improve over the coming six months. SEO and SEM is definitely a strategy that all business must undertake when planning their marketing campaign..

Sean Rosensteel MN September 17, 2010

Very interesting. Now that we are over halfway through 2010, I must say that it appears your predictions were right on track : ) Google is king, and they know it. They are slowly taking over the online cyberspace world with things like gmail, google docs, google calendar, etc and of course their search engine is #1. It will be interesting to see what your predictions are for 2011!
Sean Rosensteel MN recently posted..Is Facebook Places – Going Places

mike October 31, 2010

Social media and social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter will also have some noticeable impact on search engine results in 2010. It does already have some talk to include twits from the twitter in search engine results. So it’s time to include social media optimization as one of the search engine optimisation SEO strategies for SEO companies.

miracleman12 November 3, 2010

As we approach 2011, there is some evidence that Google, at least, is using Twitter for more than “trending” results in SERPs. We’ll have to see how that works out in the next year. Facebook still seems to have low relevance in Google rankings. I do believe that Social Media Marketing has a lot of value to SEO, but maybe that’s not Facebook. I’m hoping to write an article on this in the near future.

david November 26, 2010

After dominating nearly a decade, Google is now facing very tough competition in search engine market with rivals like Yahoo and Bing. Even though Yahoo is not as much effective as Bing because Bing is really giving some very good and relevant results in compare to Yahoo. In 2010, Google will definitely have to face some great challenges from Bing. In addition, if Yahoo/Bing partnership will come into reality than it would be biggest search engine revolution in the decade.

bill December 26, 2010

Quality content is still best SEO strategy apart from using the same as linkbait. If you can post good content on your site, you can link on the resulting url thereon (especially if there is a keyword targeted resulting url) and get the chance to promote the said keyword by linking on it. As a result, you have a fair chance to have your site noticed and gain organic visit. The more visit you have on that page, the more chance people would link on your site and for google to trust it.

bill December 28, 2010

Another interesting trend that seems to be coming along and rising in importance over the years is the trust or authority that your site or host domain has. As years pass, more and more sites pop up like nobody’s business, and it’s getting harder and harder to see which sites are worth bookmarking and going to. Again, this goes back to the quality of your site, so content comes into play once more.

Ana @ Que Es Un Ensayo September 19, 2011

I hope that you don’t mind me commenting on this old post, but I just want to say that your predictions have proven to be right on the spot.

SEO strategies are very much important, no need to spend words on that, but I never fail to mention content of the site as the most important thing about it. We don’t want to make the Internet one big junkyard of spam sites, do we?

Neil@SEO Aylesbury September 29, 2011

The thing about SEO is that it will always be ever changing and because of that it will keep people interested and confused! Good Post!

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