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Will your prospective Web design company or developer do enough to help you reach your target audience. Does your prospective Web design company or developer provide search engine optimization (SEO)? Do they really understand  SEO with tangible results to show you?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategy of attaining higher search engine ranking position (commonly called SERPs). It’s obvious that most Internet users use the search engines to search for a solution to a problem, whether that problem is finding the best digital camera or finding a local florist. Knowing this, shouldn’t your website be positioned in the search engines so that you can take advantage of Internet users searching for the products and services that you offer whether those services are intended for a local, national, or global market.

While it is obvious to most of us that Internet users use search engines, it is not always obvious to Web design companies how to help their clients harness the power of search engines. When hiring a Web design company you should be aware of their capabilities and ask for proof. If you do not understand exactly what SEO and cannot ask the right questions, you should research the subject via your favorite search engine. As with any important purchase  or marketing decision you should be informed.

A few things you should be aware of when querying a Web design company:

  • SEO begins with the structure of the website. Search engines expect certain things to be in place.
  • Search engines have a hard time reading Adobe Flash. This means that if your site is very Flash heavy or if your content contained in Flash, search engines will not understand the breadth of your website and not rank it well.
  • Search engines do not follow JavaScript links. This means that if you have a menu system that relies heavily on JavaScript, the search engines will ignore those links.
  • Search engines read text. If the content of your website is contained in graphics or anything other than text, the search engines will not understand your message which can negatively effect your SERPs.
  • SEO is more than just optimizing your website, there are many offsite variables that can effect your SERPs.

These are just some quick things that you should know so that you can ask the right questions of any prospective Web design company or developer. You should do a bit of your own research. You don’t have to become an expert, just know a few basics that will help guide a very important aspect of your company — your website.

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