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This article continues from SEO Tip: Improve PageRank (Google PageRank Demystified…Sorta) Part 2. As with any of our articles you should be aware of the disclaimer:

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It has been a little while since I started this series of articles. I expect that everyone is waiting on pins and needles to learn more. After I bashed PageRank in the previous installment; you are wondering why you should read this. Honestly, PageRank isn’t going to help you much with SERPs.

Here’s what it will do for you: PageRank is Google’s way of measuring how important your Web site (actually Web page) is to the overall World Wide Web. If you have a PageRank of 10, then you must be very important. If you have 0 PageRank, then you aren’t important at all. Most Web site home pages have a PageRank of 3 or lower. Depending on what your PageRank is that is how Google treats you – but not in SERPs.

Here it is boys and girls: The higher your PageRank is the more often the Google Spider will visit you. Not only that, Google will allow you to have more pages that are linked to that page in their index. That’s it. That’s the whole purpose of PageRank.

If you have a large Web site, it is important that you have a high PageRank so that more of your pages can be found by searchers with the Google search engine. If you are creating fresh content all the time, like with your blog, it’s important to have high PageRank so that your new posts will quickly be indexed.

Should you be concerned about your PageRank? Not really, honestly. If you are doing other things to promote your Web site, working on your content, etc. your rankings will follow whether or not you have high PageRank.

Here are a few things that you can do to improve your Pagerank (I won’t go into “nofollow” and “dofollow“ here):

  • List your site with important directories like Dmoz a.k.a. Open Directory Project.
  • Participate on blogs other than your own.
  • Contribute to forums…I’m sure you know something about something.
  • Build a nice Web site with plenty of good content to encourage other sites to link back to you.
  • Hire a legitimate SEO company that understands PageRank and how to build it.

It’s really not that hard, but it does take work. If you try to take shortcuts, it inevitably will come back to haunt you and all your hard work will be for naught.

One finale note on PageRank: PageRank is just that, a rank for a page. Every page on your Web site can have a different PageRank. When I refer to PageRank for a site, what I really mean is the PageRank for your home page or the first page on your Web site.

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