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I have written an article that is filed in the pages of this Web site offering up advice to Chattanooga business owners (and any other business owner) regarding picking a SEO company and a Web design company. I didn’t think the full article warranted a post in the Search Marketing Blog, because, there is no real SEO tip there, but is more intended for prospective clients. However, I did want to bring up a few highlights and point those interested over to the proper article for more details.

As most “real” experts in the SEO business know, we are constantly fighting false information, and companies offering less than desirable SEO techniques. Just as buying anything, the informed buyer is a better buyer. That’s the goal for this article, to inform the buyer.

The main things to watch out for are:

  • The SEO Amateur: This is someone who doesn’t really know much about SEO, but will tell you otherwise to get your business. At the end of the day, you end up with¬† bad results and wasted time and money.
  • The Submission Scam: If someone offers to submit your web site to thousands of search engine and directories, they are about to take your money smiling.
  • The Keyword Scam: The informed business owner can avoid this one, but you have to be on your toes. A true SEO expert, will always perform research and share that research with you to help determine the best tactics.
  • Avoid Google Hell: SEO experts offering banned and spammy techniques can get your web site sent to Google hell and will never return. You are not Odysseus.

To read the complete article head over to Selecting a Web Design Firm and SEO Expert in Chattanooga.

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One Response to “How to Avoid the Scam & Pick the Right SEO Company”

Neil@SEO Aylesbury September 29, 2011

I like this site as it provides real information about SEO to people, not the company that will offer you 1000 links for $. Keep the good work coming and people will keep coming back.

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