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This article continues from SEO Tip: Improve PageRank (Google PageRank Demystified…Sorta) Part 1. As with any of our articles you should be aware of the disclaimer:

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In the previous article I introduced some of the common myths about Google PageRank. There are many myths, but the three that I listed are the most common and are somewhat tied together. The reason for discounting the myths is simple. It’s important to work on other aspects of your website and not to just grieve over PageRank night and day.

Let’s get right to it with the first myth, websites must have a high PageRank to get high rankings in Google or SERPs. We’ll call organic search rankings SERP or search engine ranking position.  As an example I did a couple of searches with Google to test my theory. The first term that I used was “best ipod”. Someone trying to figure out which iPod to buy as a gift might search this. I imagine that this would be a pretty hot search term to have a page one ranking with if you are selling iPods. My results are as follows: The page with the number one ranking has a PageRank of 1. The page with the number two rank has a PageRank of 2. The page with the number three rank has a PageRank of 3.

I did another search for “buy lcd tv”. LCD TV’s are a hot consumer product and I would think that having a high SERP for the term would be highly desirable for someone selling LCD TVs. The pages that are ranked number one and two in Google for this term has a PageRank of 3. The page that is ranked number three has a PageRank of 4.

With just doing a few searches for some high traffic non generic search terms we can see that maybe not having the highest PageRank will be the end of the world when it comes to achieving high SERP.

The second myth, websites with high PageRank get the most traffic from Google, is tied to the first myth in the sense that if the myth were true, the sites with the best PageRank would capture all the good, organic traffic because they have high SERPs. As we saw, the higher your PageRank is doesn’t necessarily have an impact on your ranking. Think about it like this. If PageRank was that big of a factor, CNN (PageRank 10) would get all the traffic and the only way to sell anything would be to have a link from a CNN article.

The most important aspect of SEO is achieving a high PageRank for a website is doomed based on discounting the first two. A high PageRank does come with bragging rights. If you are really trying to impress your friends and fellow webmasters, bang away achieving that 6+ PageRank.

Having said that with a bit of fire, don’t give up on PageRank. There are some important reasons to work on improving your PageRank. In Part 3 of this article I’ll tell you why PageRank is important and we’ll get down to figuring out how to improve it.

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