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When Google exploded in the search space in prehistoric times (1998), one of the concepts that made Google much better than the popular search engines of the time (Alta Vista, Excite, etc.) was PageRank. Of course, PageRank, was not the only thing that made Google better, but it is one of those things that allowed Google to provide better search results. PageRank has evolved since 1998, and I expect it to continue to evolve. Search engine optimization (SEO) experts that figured out PageRank in those early days were able to get results for clients, and those who had always done practical SEO continued to do well.

Still today, there are many myths about PageRank and Johnny Come Lately SEO “experts” may be propagating these myths. By understanding some basics about PageRank, you should be able to improve a bit. Before I go much further, I’ll say that there are few people that have “inside” information on exactly how PageRank figures into Google’s ranking algorithms. Most any theory on PageRank is a best guess, and some guesses are better than others. Fortunately, Matt Cutts (who works for Google) shares a fair amount of information about Google that gives SEOs a head start on best practices to improve PageRank.

Here are a few popular myths about Google PageRank that you should be aware of:

  • The most popular myth, by far, is that a website must have a high PageRank to get high rankings in Google.
  • Websites with high PageRank get the most traffic from Google.
  • The most important aspect of SEO is achieving a high PageRank for a website.

Part 2 of this article will dispel these myths and give you some truths about PageRank and some techniques to improve your overall PageRank. Subscribe to the Chattanooga Search Marketing Blog RSS feed so that you get Part 2 of this article without having to remember to come back.

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