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Two Sites You May Have Missed

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We’ve been doing a lot of work that hasn’t found its way to our website. Here are a couple screen caps from work we did 2013.

Kinsley Hospitality Carpet

Kinsley Carpet Mills is a manufacturer of high quality hospitality carpet and hotel carpet for the commercial industry.

Martial Arts Dalton, GA

Martial Traditions is a martial arts school in Dalton, GA specializing in Kodokan Judo and Chinese Boxing (aka Kung Fu).

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Your Website on SEO

Here’s a fun little image that we created to illustrate the benefits of SEO in the simplest terms possible. We tossed around a few different ideas on the type of imagery we should use. Do you remember those old “your brain on drugs” commercials? We did too. We based this little image on the concept of those commercials. We hope you like it and it makes our point. If not, we hope it is at least a little funny.

You can click over to the full size image and use it on your website or share it with your friends if you want.

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New Site Goes Online

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Woodbridge FoamPartner

We are happy to announce that we have just rolled out the first stage of a new website for Woodbridge FoamPartner. Woodbridge FoamPartner (WFP) based in Chattanooga, TN is a joint venture between FoamPartner Group based in Europe and the Woodbridge Group based in North America. They have both offices and manufacturing facilities in Chattanooga. Staffed by exceptional and capable professionals, engineers, scientists, WFP is a company worth watching.

The design goals for this site were modest with the idea of delivering a usable site very quickly. A customer can visit this site and learn very quickly the story of WFP, what they do and how WFP can help them.

We have a little more work to do and the content of the site should grow substantially over the next 6 months.

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SEO Packages

In the recent past, we have written on the subject of selecting the best SEO expert and the best Web designer for your projects or websites. Revisiting the subject is warranted after reading a blog post over at Blazing Minds regarding SEO Packages for Small Business. It’s an important subject, and understanding it or the lack of understanding it can effect your long term business goals.

In our article Selecting a Web Design Firm and SEO Expert we highlighted these points:

  • Avoiding the SEO Amateur – This continues to be a problem among startup businesses and those that do not do their research. We have rescued a few of these since the writing of our original article.
  • Avoiding the Submission Scam – Be weary of anyone who tells you that they will submit your site to 100’s or 1000’s of sites. First, that’s probably not going to do much for you. Second, submission of your site is a tactic and not a strategy in search engine optimization.
  • Understanding how keywords are really used – It is a common understanding that being ranked #1 for a keyword is the goal of SEO. Well, it’s true, if you are using the right keywords. If you are ranked #1 for keywords that no one uses, then your keywords are junk. An expert SEO will help determine the best keywords to attract the visitors to your site that convert into leads or sales.

Continue reading SEO Packages for Small Business

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WRCB Channel 3 In Chattanooga, TN featured the expert analysis of our lead web/search strategist, Donnie Lee, in a story regarding the proposed new Web site for the City of Chattanooga. The interview was conducted on June 27, 2011 at the conference room of AV Simplified Solutions for the 6 o’clock news.

You can read the full article over at Channel 3’s website.

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Client Quote

“ Our new site is much better than our old site. It looks great and we can change and update it ourselves. ”

- MCA (Chattanooga, TN)

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